Recycling Group is a plastic recycling company. Based on the principles of preserving the purity of the environment, we help reduce the amount of waste plastic containers, while creating a successful profitable production.

The product of plastic processing is flakes – small PET flakes, obtained by crushing and subsequent processing of plastic containers. Flakes can be reused for the production of plastic products for any purpose (except for containers for food), synthetic fibers, technical packaging, etc. – the scope and potential of flakes is very wide.

Due to modern technologies and equipment, we managed to achieve the highest quality of processed products. Our company is engaged in continuous investment into increasing of production volumes. The more we recycle plastic, the less it pollutes the environment and less harm there is to the ecosystem.

The production process of flakes is accompanied by strict quality control at each stage to obtain the best quality. The staff of the company employs highly qualified employees, with impressive experience and knowledge in the field of physics and chemistry. Due to common efforts we managed to establish a clear, precise and environmentally friendly plastic waste recycling process.

The Recycling Group has its own laboratory at its disposal, which makes it possible to regularly monitor the quality of the product being produced. We also have our own vehicles to help our customers reduce and solve logistics issues. Our goal is to offer a quality product, preventing the devastating harm done to our planet by endless streams of plastic trash.